10 Amazing Benefits Of Cloves .. Recognize Them

10 Amazing Benefits Of Cloves .. Recognize Them

The 10 amazing benefits of cloves, A nail-like plant that performs miracles


These days alternative medicine is very common and many people become interested in it, Especially the plants that are normally found at every home where the benefits of cloves show itself. 

That small yet special plant despite its cheap price has great uses that made it indispensable.

Clove has a nail-like morphology, That’s why it is known as nail plant in the Arabian Gulf and like a nail it can be added in any food or drink not only as a flavor but it enriches it’s value too.

It has a very intense and specific odour that preserves a place for it to be added to tea or boiled to have the very rich boiled clove drink which is very popular in the alternative medicine field.

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Clove components

Despite the small size of the clove plant it contains a lot of active ingredients which are responsible for its deep flavor and its benefits as well, and they are:

  • Beta carotene:

It is the source of the clove’s brown color and its major effect. It is easily converted to vitamin A which is known for its importance to the vision ability and to the eye organ itself.

  • Eugenol volatile oil:

That is the main active constituent of cloves, And it is the main cause of the specific aroma and taste of cloves.

  • Variable multivitamins:

Like vitamin E, vitamin C and vitamin K.

  • Rich amount of vegetable fiber.
  • High concentration of Antioxidants.

Benefits of cloves

Because of the previously maintained active constituent clove has reserved its place, not only on our kitchen shelves but on the field of alternative medicine too. And these huge benefits are:

1- Teeth and Gum pain: 

If you ever had a toothache or gum inflammation just grap one of these cloves and ground it between your teeth or just even put it on the affected area and notice the difference, you will feel a huge relief due to the Eugenol.(But you still have to visit your dentist). and that’s why cloves are incorporated in gargles and toothpaste and teeth gels manufacturing.

2- Immune enhancing: 

Due to antioxidants content, Cloves fight free radicals in blood which is responsible for inflammations; so by getting rid of them cloves raise the immunity.

3- Boils and Abscess curing:

Due to the anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effect; Cloves are used to cure acne and boils and enhance the overall skin tone.

4- Decrease cholesterol:

The antioxidants in cloves have a great impact on decreasing the blood cholesterol levels.

5- Diet and weight control:

Vegetable fibers in cloves are found to create a feeling of fullness and loss of appetite which reflects on weight.

6- Liver protection:

The antioxidants in cloves are found to decrease the chances of liver cirrhosis.

7- Preservative:

Latest studies proved that cloves have a better chance to be preservative than the common potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate; due to its antimicrobial effect and its better odour too.

8- Respiratory System Enhancer:

Vapours of clove are proven to have a relaxing effect on the lungs; so it eases breathing and helps relieve cough and nasal degonstion.

9- Improving Colon and Digestive System:

Cloves relieve irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) symptoms and decrease flatulence also it heals any fissures that could be found in the stomach or intestine.

10-Enhance Male Sexual Potency:

Clove plant has a positive effect on the male sexuel organs as it delays the orgasm; so it solves the problem of fast ejaculation.

Benefits of cloves on an empty stomach

Using cloves on an empty stomach has a very potent effect; As it is the first thing that enters your stomach and you start your day with so by that you achieve:

1- Weight Control:

The vegetable fibers in cloves help you feel full and lose your appetite; So it is a great add to the diet system.

2- Diabetes:

Cloves have antioxidants which help burn glucose and decrease the blood glucose level.

3- Regurgitation:

Clove has a soothing effect on the stomach, It lines it and decreases the feeling of nausea.

4- Chronis Dental and Oral issues:

Cloves work to refresh the breath due to its Eugenol content.

How to use clove

  • Food:

You can use cloves as a spice due to its intense aroma and flavor and you can even add it to your tea.

  • In alternative medicine: 

You can boil cloves and enjoy the boiled clove syrup either by drinking or inhaling it.

  • The plant itself:

By chewing it or using it raw on the infected area.

  • Clove oil: 

Rub it on the affected area and feel the analgesic effect produced by it, in cases of rheumatic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis or even heavy menstrual pain.

Clove oil benefits

It is the pure extraction of clove and it contains the concentrated active constituents; so it has a strong effect yet should be used with caution for:

  1. Analgesic effect in cases of Rheumatoid arthritis and Rheumatic arthritis.
  2. Disinfectant on acne and skin infections and even skin cuts.
  3. Improves the blood circulation and increases hair and skin wellness.
  4. Some women use it in heavy menstrual pain and apply it on their stomach and legs to reduce the pain.
  5. In severe headache cases it can be rubbed around the head.

Side effects of cloves

Although cloves has all these great benefits and easy applications yet it should be used carefully to avoid:

  • Severe skin allergy if it was used concentrated on skin.
  • Over decrease of the blood glucose level which leads to faintness,

And for those who are on diabetes pills or on diet they need to monitor their blood glucose level daily.

  • If clove oil was ingested it may cause severe headache and imbalance.
  • Heart palpitations and breathing difficulty (poisoning signs).
  • Cloves interact with anticoagulants like Aspirin and warfarin and that mix may lead to uncontrolled bleeding.
  • Male genital inflammation and overwhelmed ejaculation delay.
  • Should be used in caution for pregnant women, breastfeeding ladies and children to avoid any complications.

And because every extremity is a fault; Avoid excessive use of cloves especially on a daily basis to enjoy all the benefits and bypass the complications, and if you have a chronic disease which requires daily medicine you should consult your doctor before adding any other element even if it was a remedy or a herbal plant.


In this article we talked about the special plant of clove and its special components like Eugenol and antioxidants, and illustrated its magnificent benefits to the teeth and gum and how to use it to reduce weight and control cholesterol levels. Also we discussed the benefits of the clove oil for analgesia and for increasing skin and hair tone and the uses of the boiled cloves for fertility and finally pointed out the side effects and complications of clove intake.







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