Best 3 Ways For Self Protection Against Infectious Diseases Included Coved-19

Best 3 Ways For Self Protection Against Infectious Diseases Included Coved-19

Microorganisms surround us everywhere they are inside and outside our body. Some of these organisms are not harmful and even benefit us, but there is no doubt that there are harmful microorganisms that once affect us cause diseases.

Microorganisms are differ according to:

  • The infectious cause which may be: Bacteria, virus, parasite and fungi.
  • The infected area so we can find respiratory infectious diseases, skin diseases, etc.

Causes of infectious diseases 

1- Direct contact with:

  • An infected human can transmit the disease through breathing, coughing or sneezing.
  • An infected animal can transmit infection through scratching, biting and non-proper disposal of animal waste.
  • From mother to fetus through the placenta or breastfeeding after birth.

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2- Indirect contact: Through using the personal tools of a diseased person. 

3- Contaminated food and drinks: Intake of contaminated, expired processed or undercooked foods may cause infectious diseases.

4- Insect Bites: Mosquitoes or ticks bites cause infectious diseases if they are carrying causative agents especially parasitic infections.

If you suspect that you have been exposed to any of the previous causes, how do you know that you have an infectious disease? If you develop some of the following symptoms, consult a doctor and perform some medical analysis.

Common symptoms of infectious diseases:

  1. Fever, high body temperature.
  2. diarrhea.
  3. Stress and physical fatigue.
  4. Anorexia.
  5. Muscular pain.
  6. cough.

Complications of infectious diseases:

Some infectious diseases have life-threatening complications as in case of: pneumonia, coronavirus and AIDS; Because these diseases can lead to death.

The risk of complications increase if the infected person has a chronic disease such as: autoimmune diseases, obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Infectious diseases diagnosis:

  1.  Case history.
  2.  Clinical signs.
  3.  Analytical tests:
  • Blood analysis.
  • Urinalysis.
  • Swab the throat or nose.
  • Radiology.
  • Biopsy: is taking a sample from the affected area and examining it, such in case of cancers.

    Treatment of infectious diseases

    Treatment varies by cause. Antibiotics are used for bacterial infections.

    Antiviral and immunity booster drugs such as vitamin C and zinc are used in the case of viral infections.

    Antifungal medications are used if you have a fungal infection.

    In the case of parasitic infections, quinine and its derivatives (Quinine) are used.

    Prevention and Control:

    Some steps to prevent infectious diseases:

    1. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, especially before eating food, and after shaking hands with a sick person.
    2. Give the vaccinations that are administered by the Ministry of Health for your children from an early age; Because it helps prevent diseases, especially viral diseases.
    3. Follow protective caution when handling an animal that has any infections.
    4. If you have a pet, dispose of its waste properly and wash your hands thoroughly afterwards.
    5. Make sure of the expiration date of any packaged food before eating.
    6. Limit your intake of processed and undercooked meats. 

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    As for the coved-19, it is one of the most dangerous infectious diseases and its complications are very serious, It causes high mortality rate; Therefore, the instructions for preventing coronavirus must be followed, which are:

    1- Wearing masks immediately after leaving the house, in public places and transportation, and disposing of them properly by spraying them with ethyl alcohol and then putting them in a bag and putting them in the trash, the World Health Organization announced that wearing medical masks is better than cloth masks.

    2- Washing hands with running water and soap, and if it is not available, use 70% ethyl alcohol.

    3- Disinfect any surface using 70% ethyl alcohol before touching it, then disinfect hands with sanitizers afterwards.

    4- Wearing latex gloves when you deal with sick people or in public places to provide an insulating layer between hands and external surfaces, and dispose of them in the correct way by spraying them with alcohol and putting them in a bag, then sealing it and putting it in the trash bin.

    5- Maintaining sufficient social distance between you and people when dealing directly.

    Medical Me provides preventive protection tools against Coronavirus these 3 important tools are: two types of the best medical masks in the market, latex gloves, and ethyl alcohol 70%:

    1- Medical masks:

    Prevention is better than cure, and in order to preserve your health from Covid-19, the state imposed wearing masks on all citizens.

    And there are many places that prevent people entering without wearing masks, which has become an indispensable necessity.

    But do not forget to follow the rest of the preventive instructions, such as keeping a social distance of at least one meter.

    The World Health Organization recommended that medical masks should be worn, and preferred medical masks than cloth masks.

    Medical Me for medical supplies provides masks for sale.

    Surgical face masks- masky

    Masky is the best Egyptian mask in the market which is provided by the well-known company chemi pharma.

    It consists of three layers with international medical quality specifications to provide more protection.

    It features a comfortable: earband (ultra-sonic) and breathable.

    Manufactured in strict accordance with ISO standards.

    Provides the highest protection against viral and bacterial infections.

    Non-irritable to skin and sterile.

    Surgical face masks - EYOUNG

    The best masks in the market, because they are made with ISO medical specifications, and it consists of three layers, and provides comfort in breathing.

    Soft material on the skin and hypoallergenic for people with sensitive skin, comfortable ear bands for prolonged wear, resistant to water and humidity.

    Highly comfortable and protection from external factors; They are large-sized masks with braces and provide excellent coverage for the nose and mouth.

    2- latex gloves:

    Gloves are used to prevent transmission of infection because they form an insulating layer between the hands and the outer surfaces.

    It is used in the case of dealing with patients, and it is disposed of immediately in the right way.

    It is used in all medical fields and laboratories when drawing samples to prevent the transmission of any infection from a sick person to another healthy one.

    Latex gloves can be used for home cleaning, as the German Association of Health Care Workers stated that wearing gloves during cleaning prevents loss of natural moisturizing of the skin, and also protects the skin from the dangerous chemicals in detergents.

    3- Ethyl alcohol 70%:

    There are many types of ethyl alcohol in the Egyptian market, but do all types eliminate bacteria and viruses?

    After the World Health Organization stated about the effect of 70% ethyl alcohol on the Coronavirus, there has been a lot of wasting money on adulterated types.

    Medical Me provides an original alcohol that has been proven to eliminate the coronavirus It is produced by Emma.

    The ethyl alcohol available from Medical Me has a powerful effect to disinfect hands and surfaces and kill coronavirus, and is used to disinfect wounds and first aid.

    How to distinguish between original and adulterated alcohol?

    By the flame testing: Light a simple flame, ethyl alcohol 70% helps to increase the ignition, while the adulterated alcohol does not help to ignite because it has a large ratio of water to alcohol.



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