Black fungus disease and Coronavirus

Black fungus disease and Coronavirus

Black fungus disease (Mucumycosis) and the relation between it and Coronavirus.

Black fungus disease (Mucumycosis):

After the brother of the actor Samir Ghanem blew up the secret of his death, which is the black fungus disease, after the beginning of his recovery from Corona and the spread of news about this type of fungal disease in India that was the cause of the Corona’s distortion there, Many questions begin to wander in the mind, So what is black fungus disease and What it is relation to Corona?!

What is black fungus disease (Mucumycosis)?

One of fungal diseases, the type of fungi that is consider the causative agent is found all around us, but the critical effect of these fungi appears when a person is exposed to a large amount of with a weak immune state that results from infection with some diseases such as: diabetes, AIDS, taking immunosuppressants such as cortisone.

Symptoms of black fungus:

1- Skin irritation and ulcers.

2- Stuffy nose or sinus infections with a runny nose, mixed with blood and black color secretions from one of the nostrils.

3- Black spots around the nose in some cases.

4- Lung infections that appear in the form of a bloody cough with dark red color.

5- Severe migraine headache.

6- Drooping eyelids, eye pain and sometimes loss of vision in one or both eyes.

7- The most common symptom is an injury in the eye that appears in the form of exophthalmos in one eye, and blurred vision, and most cases end with eye excision.

It is not necessary that all of these signs appear on the infected person, sometimes just two or more symptoms appear on the patient.

Why do doctors perform an eye excision in case of black fungus?

Doctors perform an eye excision to prevent the infection from reaching the brain, causing greater complications, and in rare cases, the jaw bones are surgically removed to also stop the spread of the disease.

What is the relationship between black fungus and corona disease?

Doctors suggest that black fungus is associated with corona patients because of the lack of immunity, but the risk appears when using steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (medicines derived from cortisone and cortisol), in conclusion the relationship appears when some of coronavirus patients take cortisone medications. In case they have weak immunity and Corona together.

But this relationship is still not clear, as some cases of young people without any diseases have been recorded in India. Therefore, research is ongoing on the relationship between black fungus disease and corona.

And because of the nature of fungi that loves to grow in moist, poorly ventilated surfaces, doctors suggest causes of infection of corona patients with black fungus, including:-

1- Do not change the mask used with oxygen generators because it is a suitable surface for the growth of fungi.

2- Do not change the water in the regulator that is used with oxygen cylinders and ventilators.

3- Lack of cleanliness, ventilation and presence in places full of mold.

Who is most susceptible to infection with black fungus?

1- Those with weak immune diseases.

2- People with chronic diseases, especially diabetes, because most of the recorded cases of diabetes are patients.

3- Steroidal anti-inflammatory therapy for diabetics and immunocompromised diseases.

Is black fungus contagious?

The answer is no, black fungus is not contagious.

Is there a cure for black fungus?

The only treatment for black fungus is the antifungal medication according to the BBC, intravenous injection on a daily basis for 8 weeks.

What are the preventive measures to avoid black fungus for corona cases?

1- Change the oxygen mask every two days maximum.

2- Changing the water in the oxygen generator and ventilators on a daily basis.

3- Do not take cortisone medications without consulting your doctor.

4- Follow-up of blood sugar levels for diabetic patients even after treatment, as cases of black fungus infection were recorded two weeks after recovery.

Did Samir Ghanem die of corona or black fungus?

The late brother also mentioned in his last statements that after he recovered from Corona, the tests showed that the condition improved, but his condition deteriorated again due to the black fungus and this appeared on one of his eyes until the condition completely deteriorated.


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