Effective Tips To Lose Weight Without Dieting or Exercise

Effective Tips To Lose Weight Without Dieting or Exercise

Following a healthy lifestyle will help you release weight without depriving yourself. 

12 tips to lose weight: 

1- Drink water: Drink about 2.5 to 3 liters of water daily, an average of one cup before meals will help you feel full. 

2- Sleep well: Sleeping at night between 10 pm to 12 am for 8 hours daily will help in healthy releasing of cortisol hormone and leptin hormone (which is responsible for feeling full). 

3- Intermittent fasting: Fasting for 16 hours daily will give your stomach the space to digest all food and let your body burn more calories. 

4- Regulate meals: Divide your plate into 3 sections, half of it contains vegetables, a quarter for protein and the last quarter for carbohydrates. 

5- Don’t deprive yourself: Eat everything you prefer with replacing the unhealthy products with healthy choices: replace white sugar with stevia. 

  • Replace white wheat with rice or coconut wheat. 
  • Replace white salt with Himalaya salt. 
  • Replace normal bread with oat bread. 

6- Stop snacking: Snacking makes your stomach in a working manner all the time, but if you feel hungry between meals and need to eat something snack with leafy vegetables. 

7- Do physical activities: By following simple tips as getting upstairs instead of using elevators, walking to the market instead of driving the car, just being active in your home and outside. 

8- Make a meal list: If you go to the market one time weekly or monthly, make a note with the healthy products we talked about and bring them all, bring all the food you will need to protect yourself from ordering fast food. 

9- Motivate your surroundings to be healthy: Make sure that keeping a healthy way will protect you from chronic diseases, and get away from people who mock what you do. 

10- Prepare your food and leave it in the fridge: If you are working all day, this means you are mostly ordering fast food, the solution is to prepare your meal and take it with you or prepare a healthy snack like salad or fruits till you get back home. 

11- Take your body's measurements, before and after photos: Body measurements are more accurate than body weight scaling, before and after photos have a magical motivational effect to keep on the healthy lifestyle. 

12- Yoga: Doing yoga exercises help to icrease body elasticity and burning more calories.

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There are aiding tools that help you in releasing weight as: 

  • Vibration belts accelerate weight loss, improve blood circulation and strengthen your muscles. They depend on high, speed vibration systems and produce between 500 to 900 involuntary contractions/minute. 
  • Thermal belts that are made of comfortable, elastic, non-irritant and good fabrics. They are suitable for postpartum recovery and accelerate weight loss and burning calories during playing sports. You should drink more water while wearing it. 
  • Sauna suits or thermal suits. 
  • Women's corset suit: It helps you to look slimmer, makes full body shaping compression and shapes your thighs and abdomen. You can wear under your clothes and dresses. It is made of good quality, comfortable, adjustable and non- irritant fabrics. 
  • Slimming shirts for men. 





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