Infectious Disease Caused By Kissing .. Children Herpes

Infectious Disease Caused By Kissing .. Children Herpes

Children Herpes

Imagining a large gathering with many people, fathers, mothers, and children... How wonderful!

Unfortunately, what these gatherings hide may carry some danger to children. Due to frequent contact among children in such groups, some infectious diseases appear and spread quickly. Among those diseases is herpes for children.

This is the topic we will address in this article; What is herpes in children, how is it transmitted, its symptoms, treatment, and how to prevent it.


Children Herps

Herpes simplex virus:

There are two types:

  • Oral herpes:

Infected children transmit it to other children by touching their blisters.

  •  Genital herpes:

It spreads between couples through sexual intercourse if one of them is infected.

This virus is dangerous because even if there are no symptoms on infected people, they remain carriers of the disease!

Causes of oral herpes for children:

  • Oral herpes is transmitted to the newborn at birth if the mother is a carrier of genital herpes.
  • Children being kissed by others.
  •  When the child is fed by a mother who has an infection with the herpes virus,
  •  When the child is in contact with another infected child.
  •  If the child shares cups or towels with another child infected with the herpes virus.

Symptoms of herpes in children:

Herpes virus remains in a child's body for several days,

  1. It causes ulcers to appear on the child's skin in different places, eyebrows, eyelids, and mouth area. But later on, these ulcers swell and create pain which makes the child always in a bad mood. Fortunately, these pimples and ulcers do not last long and quickly fade or disappear after about a week.

  1. High temperature of the infected person is like coronavirus symptoms, until it reaches 39 and begins to feel headache and some infections may appear in the throat also.

  1. The child may lose his appetite for food due to throat infections.

  1. It may cause symptoms that require consulting a doctor, such as having difficulty breathing.

Treatment of the herpes virus in children:

The treatment is determined according to the patient's age; If the child is a newborn, the appropriate treatment of vitamins and antivirals.

But older children do not need to take antibiotics that inhibit the activity of the virus. The herpes virus remains in the body for a while, and its symptoms are the same until they gradually disappear without medical treatment. It is also preferable that the affected child not be exposed to sunlight. 

Prevention of herpes simplex:

It is necessary to isolate the infected person. And to use personal tools such as cups, towels, utensils, whether the patient is an adult or a child.

To prevent the spread of the oral herpes virus in children, it is necessary to:

  1. Stop kissing the child in the first months to avoid infection.
  2. Not to touch the child if the hand is not clean.


We talked in this article about Herpes Virus, what is it? How can children be affected by it? What are its symptoms and when these signs become active! Finally, what is the treatment and the methods of prevention?

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