Recognize What Are The best Choices Of Adult Diapers

Recognize What Are The best Choices Of Adult Diapers


We feel the sensation of those who suffer from urinary incontinence or enuresis, and in this case the use of elderly diapers became an indispensable necessity. This is to save the time and effort spent in care and cleaning, and to protect the patient from social distancing due to the embarrassment that results from involuntary urination, but with the multiplicity of adult diapers and their unavailability in the markets, some begin to wonder what are the best types? What are the wholesale places? What is the alternative to those diapers?

What are the best types of diapers for the elderly?

There are two types of adult diapers: diapers with adhesive tape and pants. 

Diapers shorts for the elderly are easy to put on and take off like underwear and fit the shape of the body, and can be cut from the sides for easy changing.

What are the advantages of diapers for the elderly?

  • Adult diapers are made of materials that help absorb wetness, which keeps the skin dry, and this helps prevent skin bacterial and fungal infection.
  • It has internal barriers that prevent leakage, which helps keep upholstery and beds clean without the need for a lot of cleaning.
  • Adult diapers are characterized by high elasticity and good absorbency, so they do not hinder movement or cause tightness due to wetness.
  • Adult diapers protect from urine receding when you need to go to the bathroom, and this protects from urinary tract infections and diseases.
  • These diapers do not appear through the outer clothing and do not make a sound during moving; This helps adults not to be shy or socially distancing which may lead to depression.
  • Adult pants are easy to put on and take off like regular underwear and are suitable for patients with mobility.

What are the adult diaper sizes?

Adult diapers come in different sizes:

  • Small size adult diapers.
  • Medium size diapers, waist size: 80 to 105 cm and may vary slightly depending on the type of diaper.
  • Large size diapers, waist size: between 85 to 125 cm. 
  • X large size, waist: 120-160 cm. 
  • 2 XL diapers, waist size between 150-230cm.

Old people diaper places in bulk?

Buy Adult Diapers in bulk from our online store Medical Me, the prices of adult diapers range from 139 Egyptian pounds (the price of Fine Care diapers for adults) 18 pieces to 275 pounds for a large size Abri Flex Abina diapers, shop Now to get diapers for the elderly at a discount that fits all categories.

What is the alternative to diapers for the elderly?

Diapers pads are a suitable alternative to diapers for the elderly. These pads are made of materials similar to the material of the elderly diapers, and thus protect the mattresses and sofas from leakage of diapers and even for children in the stage of potty training.

Who is most recommended to use diaper pads?

Old people who suffer from urinary incontinence need to change diapers frequently because it is wrong to stay for a long time with soiled nappies. It is preferable to use bed pads made of flexible materials to prevent wetness and soiling of the bedding.

There are two types of bedspreads, large size 90 x 180 cm and small size 60 x 90 cm.

The best types of Diapers Pads:

1- Dry Plus bed pads, the package contains 30 pieces.

 2- Sani bed pads, the package contains 15 pieces. 

The price of the product varies according to the number, as there are packs containing 14 diapers, and more economical packs contain a large number of 36 diapers, such as Fine Care diapers.

Advantages of buying from MedicalMe..!

  • The diapers for the elderly are characterized by that they are hygienic and most of them are certified by the Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology during the manufacture, and the feature of the inexpensive sensor in the diapers indicates the wetness of the diaper and the need to change it in the event that the elderly are bedridden who cannot communicate to express their need to change these diapers This technology helped to know the exact and fast time for soiled and wet diapers, a challenge to what medical care providers carry to alert them to the need for a diaper change. To get rid of soiled diapers, researchers have developed smart diapers for adults according to a precise and comfortable system. Even smart diapers can be changed according to a precise system devised by Ying and supervisor within the Institute of Bioengineering because changing diapers frequently may help cure involuntary urination and prevent skin diseases caused by moisture.
  • home delivery service.
  • Maintain confidentiality of customers' privacy. 
  • Providing wholesale prices and offers if the required quantity is more than one package.

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