Sports tape (Back patches): What are its benefits, indications for use and when to be careful..!

Sports tape (Back patches): What are its benefits, indications for use and when to be careful..!

Sports tape - Medical adhesive tape

A lot of people suffer from back pain, shoulders and joints despite the different reasons, many people are looking for practical solutions to relieve those pains. Have you ever heard about medical adhesive tape?

What motivates you to replace analgesics with the medical tape?!

Chronic pain may make you want to take analgesics on a daily basis and you may not know the long-term effects of it on your health.

Do you know the side effects of taking analgesics regularly!!

Let me tell you names of the most used analgesics and its harms..

  • Aspirin causes indigestion and ulcers in the stomach and may lead to stomach bleeding in the long-term.
  • Panadol causes an allergic reaction to some people and it appears in the form of skin allergies, ulcers or difficulty breathing and swallowing, and sometimes leads to severe cirrhosis of the liver.
  • Ibuprofen is also harmful as it causes diarrhea,dizziness,nausea, stomach infections and high blood pressure.

Medical adhesive tape definition:-

It is a medical patch made of cotton and nylon that contains medical ingredients such as analgesics and anti-inflammatory which are absorbed by the skin.

Medical tape uses:-

1-Stimulating blood circulation and the movement of lymph fluid present in the body which reduces swelling 

2- It increases the elasticity of the skin to facilitate movement

Adhesive tape has many advantages:- 

1- Water-resistance when showered or bathed.

2- It can be placed on the body for long periods between 3-5 days.

3-It is a painless way to relieve pain instead of injections.

4- Suitable for use during exercise.

When can we use the medical back patch?!

  • For back, shoulders and joints pain.
  • Tendonitis treatment.
  • Treating muscle fatigue and supporting weak areas.
  • Relieve back pain and muscle tension. 

Contraindications of using the medical back patch!

1- Don’t use it on wounds or burns.

2- Can’t be used for patients who suffer from blood clots.

3- Not suitable for children under 12 years old unless under the supervision of a doctor.

4- Not recommended for pregnant women especially in the last months of pregnancy.

5- If you are going to undergo a surgical procedure.

How to put the medical back patch?

1- Wash the pain area then dry it well.

2- Remove the tape cover which is present on the medical patch then place it on the place where you feel pain.

3- Don’t leave any space that allows air to enter between the adhesive tape and the skin.

4- Monitor the appearance of any allergy on the skin and remove the tape immediately when any skin irritation appears.

Common types of Medical tapes are..

1- Salonpas tape 

2- Johnson tape 

3- Maxwell sports tape and it’s one of the strongest back patches.

4- T-max tape.

And finally, It should be noted that the back adhesive tape should be used under the supervision of a doctor, especially if you suffer from any chronic diseases.


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