What is The Difference Between pfizer Coved-19 Vaccine and Senopharm Vaccine?

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What is The Difference Between pfizer Coved-19 Vaccine and Senopharm Vaccine?

Vaccine is a substance inserted in the body to stimulate secretion of antibodies to protect you from infections either by using killed or inactivated viruses or weakened viruses.


The benefits of coved-19 vaccine:

No one knows what will be the effect of the virus if he is injured. We find people are injured with no symptoms and others with mild or sever symptoms so the vaccine has two benefits:
  • Protect you from being infected.
  • Protect you from the severe symptoms.

What does the pfizer vaccine consist of?

It consists of 4 main compositions:
  • The genome of coronavirus mRNA.
  • Small particles that cover the mRNA and help in penetrating the human body such as: polyethylene glycol (which may cause some side effects of the vaccine) and cholesterol.
  • Some salts that make the acidity of vaccine close to the human body’s acidity such as: Potassium chloride, sodium chloride, monobasic potassium phosphate, basic sodium phosphate dihydrate.
  • Sucrose which prevents sticking of these components in low temperatures, It has no preservatives.

Pfizer vaccine 

synopharm vaccine 

Use the mRNA of virus 

Use the inactivated virus

Two doses with 21 days interval

Two doses with 14 days interval

Stored at -70 degrees

Stored at 2-8 degrees

Effeciency 95%

Efficiency 86%

What is the difference between pfizer vaccine and Moderna vaccine?

pfizer biontic vaccine 

Moderna vaccine

Both of them are approved by the FDA and use mRNA.

Both of them are approved by the FDA and use mRNA.

Efficiency 95%

Efficiency 94.1%

Two doses with 21 days interval 

Two doses with 28 days interval 

Stored at -70 degrees 

Stored at -20 degrees

May the vaccine cause an infection with Coved-19?

No, but it took several weeks for the vaccine to be effective and you should take the second dose before, so you are susceptible to infection during this period. If the infection occurs it might be due to contact with an infected person.

Are the new vaccines safe for children?

The scientists don’t approve using the vaccines for children yet. The approved age of the pfizer vaccine starts from 16 years old while moderna approved age starts from 18 years old.

What are the side effects of vaccines?

Most vaccines have mild side effects such as: fever, headache, feeling fatigue, redness and swelling at the site of injection. These symptoms disappear within 1-3 days if it lasts for a longer period you should ask the doctor.




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