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Comparison Between The Best Blood Glucose Meters In Egypt

Are you thinking of buying a blood glucose meter? Then you face a lot of choices, and don’t know which is the best one? Do you want a simple device, you and your parents can easily use? 

Through this article, Medical Me provides a comparison between the different blood glucose meters to make it easier for you to choose the right device.

12 of the best home glucose meters:

 1- Bionime Glucose Meter GM100:

Bionime devices are made in Taiwan. They are easy to use by elderly, and give accurate results within seconds. It has a side entry for the test strip, which keeps the strips sterile and keeps your hands away from touching the place where the blood sample is placed. The GS100 test strips are used with this device. It contains a memory that saves the previous results with the time and date, and the most important feature of the Bionime device is the non-coding that makes the device works automatically.

2- Cera-Chek glucose meter:

The Cera-Check results are very accurate and identical to laboratory results, and it requires only one drop of blood as a sample. Its results are quick and appear within seconds. No coding is required.   

3- On call plus glucose meter:

This device is characterized by its economical price. It is also easy to use and its results are accurate and quick as it appears within only 8 seconds. This glucometer works with batteries that come with and has a place to put a memory card, the most important feature in this device is the availability of its glucose test strips at low price.  

4- Contour TS blood glucose meter:

It is considered one of the oldest glucometers in the Egyptian market. It is an accurate quick device and its results appear within 5 seconds. It has a large screen, which makes it easy to read your results, this device needs only one drop of blood for measurement, and it is easy to use by old people as it does not need to be reset before use. It also has a memory up to 250 results.

5- Preci-Chek blood glucose meter:

Preci-chek glucometer is characterized by the German technology that measures blood glucose level particularly rather than other blood sugars. Its results are highly accurate and identical to the laboratory results, as well as the sample used is only 0.5 microliter blood. Its results are fast, requiring only 5 seconds to appear, the device shuts off automatically after removing the test strip, and the most important characteristic of this device is the auto code feature, which means you will not need to reset the glucometer between each measurement.

6- GlucoDr blood glucose meter:

The most popular glucometer in the Egyptian market, this Korean device is characterized by its accurate and reliable results, and it comes with a long-life lithium battery that is sufficient to perform 4000 tests, the GlucoDr device contains a storage memory of up to 100 analyzes, and its test strips contain gold electrodes which is one of the best conductive elements, the price of these test strips is affordable.

7- Glucostar Tt blood glucose meter:

This glucometer is made in Taiwan, available at an affordable price, and the test strips of the device are available at an economical price, a small sized, lightweight device and easy to use even by the elderly. You can perform the analysis for yourself easily. It also contains a memory of up to 450 measurements with time and date to allow a periodic follow-up to your blood glucose levels, the device’s long-term battery is sufficient to make 1000 tests (lithium 3 volts), the blood sample required for analysis is one drop of 0.7 μl. It has both European and American quality certification, ISO & FDA. It has an alert feature to let you know that the battery is close to expiry, a period before allows you to perform 50 analyzes, and another alarm to remind you to do your tests.

8- Glucostar blood glucose meter:

Made in Taiwan, imported by Pharma Trade. Its glucose test strips are available and affordable, reliable results that require one drop of blood to be measured.

9- One Touch Select blood glucose meter:

A small sized device, easy to use, with large screen and clear reading, it needs only one drop of blood for measurement, the sample is withdrawn automatically by glucose test strips, the device comes with an instruction booklet, easy to use by the patients including the elderly. It is an American designed device made in China.

10- Clever Chek TD-4231 blood glucose meter:

The price of the device is economical and affordable, a small and easy-to-use device, its screen is large and shows the results clearly, it needs only one drop of blood to be measured, the device comes with an instruction booklet.

11- Accu-Chek Active blood glucose meter:

A German device that has a memory up to 500 results, and a follow-up of the average test results for 90 days. It is also a small device, but it has a large and clear digital screen. It alerts you if the test strips you put in the glucometer are expired, and another alarm feature if the blood sample is below the normal level with The possibility of adjusting the sample amount within 10 seconds of triggering the alarm, the device contains an alarm to remind you to make the test before or after meals. Changing the battery does not affect the recorded data, the most important feature is that it contains a USB entry that allows you to transfer your data to your computer or laptop. The result appears within 5 seconds only, and a valuable bag is attached with it to save the device and its accessories.

12- Accu-Chek Performa blood glucose meter:

Accu-Chek performa is made in Germany. It is ready for use immediately after opening without resetting. Easy to use and no coding is required. It has an alarm that alerts you 4 times to do your test before or after meals. It displays information and tips for the healthy lifestyle suitable for diabetics, the device has a measurement memory of up to 500 analyzes, a small device but has a large and clear LCD screen. It has an alarm to mention you if test strips are expired or the amount of blood sample is below normal level, with the possibility of adjusting the sample amount within 10 seconds, it needs 5 seconds only to show the result.

A valuable bag is attached with it to store the device and its accessories, and it works automatically upon insertion of the glucose test strip.

Unique features in Medical Me blood glucose meters: 

1- Our glucometers’ inclusions are: 10 test strips + 10 needles + a lancet pen + a distinctive case to save the device and its accessories.

2- The memory capacity for most of our devices ranges from 450 to 500 measurements.

3- Excellent delivery service and ease of communication and ordering.

4- Ease of owning the product without any need to leave your house, the product will reach you in the fastest time.

5- The best prices in the Egyptian market.

6- The periodic Great offers of Medical Me.

 Which one is the best blood glucometer?  

The Accu-Chek Performa, then the Accu-Chek Active device because of the high accuracy of each one of them, and their German industry, in addition to many features we mentioned before that are not found in other glucometers.

أفضل جهاز قياس سكر منزلي

7 reasons make you owning a blood glucose meter:

1- If you feel any of the symptoms of diabetes, the device will help you to make sure that you are not diabetic, because most of diabetes symptoms are common, such as: Increased thirst, constantly hungry, weight loss with no dieting, frequency of urination, feeling exhaustion and fatigue, vision problems, difficulty healing wounds, frequent infections throughout the whole body.

2- It is necessary to have a blood glucose meter in every home, so you can be assured of yourself and your family at any time.

3- Early diagnosis will help you to protect yourself by following a healthy diet without getting into the diabetes cycle.

4- If you are a diabetic, it is imperative to have a glucometer that will help you monitor your blood glucose level periodically and compare the results.

5- Follow up on the improvement of your condition on the medicines prescribed by doctors.

6- There is no need to go out to do laboratory analysis.

7- Saving money required to do laboratory testing.



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