Shipping Policy

The method of shipping is determined by the customer and is divided into:

Standard (Normal) Shipping: Typically takes 3-5 business days within the boundaries of Cairo and Giza. For areas outside of these boundaries, it usually takes 7 business days.

Express Shipping: Takes only 24 hours and is available exclusively within the boundaries of Cairo and Giza. If an order is placed in the early hours of the day, delivery can be completed within a few hours.

However, we may delay an order after the above-mentioned periods in the following cases:

    • The customer does not answer their phone.
    • The customer’s address is not clear enough, and there is an issue with reaching it.
    • The customer requests a delay in product delivery.
    • Delivery accidents.

Otherwise, all orders are delivered within the specified period without any issues.

The shipping cost is automatically determined based on the classification on our website, considering the weight of the products and the distance or proximity to the shipping area.

We reserve the right to modify the shipping cost if there is any error in the delivery fees, after notifying the customer first, of course.

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