8.9 Million Egyptian Diabetics. How Can You Know You Are Not One Of Them?!

8.9 Million Egyptian Diabetics. How Can You Know You Are Not One Of Them?!

Diabetes is one of the most dangerous diseases. It can cause death, so regular checking and testing of blood glucose level is important to avoid its complications. 

What is Diabetes? 

Diabetes is high blood glucose level. 

Symptoms of Diabetes: 

  • Feeling thirsty and hungry more than usual. 
  • Losing more weight without dieting. 
  • Increased frequency of urination.
  • Exhaustion and fatigue. 
  • Vision problems. 
  • Difficulty healing wounds and ulcers.  
  • Frequent inflammation throughout the whole body. 

The presence of some or all symptoms of diabetes indicates the possibility that you have prediabetes or diabetes, and with the acquisition of a home glucometer, you can diagnose the disease early by measuring your blood glucose level as soon as you feel any of the previous symptoms. 

What is Insulin Hormone? 

It is a hormone produced by certain cells in the pancreas. It regulates blood glucose level and body's metabolism. It allows glucose to enter cells and produce energy. 

Types of diabetes: 

Type 1 diabetes  

It is also called juvenile diabetes or insulin dependent diabetes. This type occurs due to genetic cause, some viruses or an autoimmune disease, when the body attacks the insulin-producing cells of the pancreas, and a defect occurs, causing type 1 diabetes, which is most common in childhood and adolescence. 

Type 2 diabetes 

It is caused by the resistance of the body’s cells to insulin itself and the weakening of the pancreas’s ability to produce enough insulin, so the insulin loses its ability to transport sugar from the blood to cells, and this type is more common for old ages (over 40 years old). 

What is the difference between prediabetes and gestational diabetes? 

Pre-diabetes: It is a condition in which the blood glucose level is higher than normal, but not to be classified as a disease. 

Gestational diabetes: caused by changing hormones during pregnancy, and this type often cures right after birth. 

اعراض مرض السكري

How to make sure that you don’t have diabetes

Through Blood examination test and you can do this test at home using blood glucose monitors which have several advantages: 

  • Small in size and easy to use. 
  • Do not rely on drawing a blood sample, a drop of blood is enough. 
  • Its results are accurate and dependable. 
  • Saving the cost, time and effort of doing a laboratory test. 
  • You can easily do it by yourself. 
  • Cheap and cost effective. 

    You can measure your blood sugar level as soon as you wake up on an empty stomach (fasting blood sugar): 

    If the reading ranges between 70-100 mg / dL, then you are a normal person and do not suffer from diabetes. 

    But if the reading ranges between 100-125 mg / dL, then there is a possibility that you suffer from prediabetes and you must follow a healthy lifestyle and an appropriate diet. 

    If the reading exceeds 125 mg / dL, then there is a possibility of being diabetic and you should go to the doctor to confirm and take the treatment. 

    You can measure your blood sugar level two hours after eating (post glucose test): 

    If your reading ranges between 100-140 mg / dL, then you are a normal person if you are under 50 years old. 

    If you are between 50-60 years old, the normal range is between 100-150 mg / dL. 

    If you are over the age of 60, the normal range is between 100-160 mg / dL. 

    If the reading is between 140-199 mg / dL, you have prediabetes and you should follow a healthy diet. 

    If the reading exceeds 200 mg / dL, you should consult a doctor immediately. 


    That is why it is necessary to have a blood glucose meter. It helps you to check up on yourself and your family at any time, and also, early diagnosis will help you to protect yourself from being diabetic by following a healthy diet. 





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