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In the world of modern healthcare, Intravenous iv cannula, though often taken for granted, play an indispensable role in the well-being of countless patients.

These small, flexible tubes, also known as IV catheters or intravenous needles, provide a lifeline for the delivery of fluids, medications, and other essential treatments directly into the bloodstream.

  • Pack 100 pieces. 
  • Used for old ages and children.
  • Very thin and short needle.
  • For newborns.
  • Easy and painless penetration of skin.
  • Good infusion.

Types of IV Cannulas:

1. Peripheral IV Cannulas: These are the most common type and are typically inserted into veins in the arms or hands. They are used for a wide range of purposes, from administering medications to providing hydration.

2. Central Venous Catheters (CVCs): These are longer catheters that are inserted into larger veins, usually in the chest or neck. CVCs are employed when a patient requires long-term IV access, intensive treatments, or when peripheral veins are challenging to access.

3. Midline Catheters: These are intermediate in length between peripheral and central catheters, typically extending to the upper arm. Midline catheters are used for patients requiring IV access for several weeks.

Intravenous cannulas are the unsung heroes of modern healthcare, providing essential access to the circulatory system and enabling medical professionals to deliver treatments and diagnostics with precision and efficiency.

Their versatility, ease of use, and role in improving patient comfort make them a cornerstone of medical care, demonstrating that even the smallest medical devices can have a profound impact on patient outcomes and the quality of healthcare provided.

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