Coconut Benefits To Stomach

Coconut Benefits To Stomach

What do you know about coconut benefits for the stomach?

Today we will talk about coconuts, And how it is much more than an additive to desserts or a potent oil to skin and hair.
It is proven to be so much more, So let’s open a new space for the  benefits of coconut to stomach in that article.

Coconut has preserved its place in all kitchens. All of us knew it since we were kids dancing with joy whenever we smell tasty coconut desserts being backed, With that aroma that fulfills the whole house.

It's characterized by its cheap price, prevalence and its diverse shapes, Between tasty juice or a delicious fruit eaten chopped or grated on food, besides coconut oil, milk and even coconut flour.

فوائد جوز الهند للمعدة

Coconut components:

To be able to discuss coconut’s benefits to the stomach or the body generally we need to study the components of the fruits, Which is responsible for all these benefits. And they are:

  • Saturated healthy fats, So that the body can use it easily upon adrosping it from the small intestine.
  • Vegetarian protein which makes it very suitable for diets.
  • Manganese which is really important for bones and cholesterol and fat burn.
  • Copper to support immunity and aids iron to produce hemoglobin to keep the blood vessels intact.
  • iron to help against anemia.
  • Low percentage of phosphorus, selenium and magnesium.

Benefits of coconut to stomach:

There are plenty of benefits that varies depending on the part used from the fruit, And we can divide them into:

  • Coconut juice (water) to stomach

  • It is known for its great taste only. But it was proven that it is more than a refreshing drink, It added to the benefits of coconut to stomach by:

    1. Reducing heartburn and soothes the stomach.
    2. Treating diarrhea (indirectly). Although it doesn’t have an impact on the diarrhea itself, it works as a dehydrant to maintain the body's moisture and electrolytes.

  • Organic Coconut oil to stomach

  • We can produce coconut oil either by cold compression or fermentation.

    But fermentation retains moisture inside it and increases its tendesity to ruten so we prefer the cold compression method.

    The benefits of organic coconut oil especially if used on empty stomach:

    1. Lining the stomach and inhibits the acid formation which treats stomach inflammation.
    2. Defeating  the stomach against any infection by it’s antibacterial action.
    3. Improves digestion.
    4. Heals stomach ulcers and decreases its spread.

    So we can have a great benefit using organic coconut oil to fight H-pylori by 2 ways:

    1. Healing the ulcers produced by the H-Pylori interacting with its growth.
    2. Decreasing the acid formation so it impacts the acid medium that the H-pylori lives in.

    Other coconut benefits:

    Besides coconut benefits to the stomach there are plenty of uses that coconut is famous for and they are worth maintaining. like:

    • Fat burner and decreased appetite leading to losing weight.
    • Balancing blood sugar level.
    • Skin moisturizer.
    • Face cleanser and inhibits acne formation on skin through its antibacterial action.
    • Maintaining healthy teeth and refreshing the mouth.
    • Anti dandruff and gives hair a shiny and healthy look.
    • Immune enhancer.
    • Decrease the blood cholesterol level.
    • Treats skin inflammation and sensitive skin (under medical supervision).
    • Thyroid activation.
    • Help treat bladder stones.
    • Fights stretch marks produced through pregnancy and weight loss.

    When to eat coconuts:

    We can eat coconuts any time, but to achieve the ultimate benefits from it, eat it first thing in the morning through one of these ways:

    • Having one teaspoonful of coconut oil raw in the morning.
    • Eat coconut for breakfast.
    • Drinking coconut water.

    Side effects of coconut:

    Despite the great benefits of coconut on the stomach, It was involved in many side effects.

    So it should be ingested with a reasonable amount and with caution to avoid having one or more of the following:

    • Diarrhea 

    Due to its antibacterial effect, It may kill the beneficial flora that lives in the human intestine leading to diarrhea.


    • Sensitivity

    Some people are allergic to coconuts and others may acquire sensitivity through ingesting high amounts of it.

    Sensitivity varies between red spots on skin to severe shocks with difficulty breathing.

    So it is advisable to use coconut wisely especially on a daily basis.


    In this article we talked about coconuts and its components and  benefits to the stomach. Also we discussed using coconut oil to treat h-pylori and allerted against eating large amounts of coconuts and the consequences following that.


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