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You Should Have A Advantages of Steam Inhaler – Nebulizer If You Have These Symptoms!

What is the Steam Inhaler ( Nebulizer ):

It is a device used to convert the medicine from a liquid state to a vapor inhaled by the patient who suffers from: asthma, shortness of breath, bronchial problems or allergies. It is a small device that consists of a small-sized piston, a container to put the drug substance, a facemask to deliver the medication and a connecting tube between the piston and the mask.

When purchasing any product with so many options, you may feel confused about which is better this or that?  In this article, we’ll be your guide to choose the best nebulizer in the market.

If you are a patient who suffers from asthma or dyspnea your best choice is to have a nebulizer as the steam loaded with the medication penetrates your respiratory cells and helps you to breathe well immediately.

How to use Steam Inhaler – nebulizers:

1- The doctor will prescribe medicines that you should place with specified doses in the medicine container.

2- Connect the tube between the piston and the facemask, then press the start button.

3- Place the mask on the patient’s nose and mouth.

4- The session takes about 15 minutes and may be repeated throughout the day, according to the instructions of the treating physician.

طريقة استخدام النيبولايزر

5 Important tips when using a nebulizer:

 1- Place the device on a hard surface.

 2- Wash your hands well before putting the medicine in the container.

 3- Ensure that the medicine container, delivery tube, and face mask are cleaned and sterilized before each use.

 4- The session continues until the existing medication is finished, and the session may take between 5-15 minutes.

 5- Place the mask on the nose and mouth steadily to not allow air to enter from outside, and if the doctor tells you to use the mouthpiece, Put it in your mouth and close it well.

The mechanism of action of the nebulizers:

Steam Inhaler convert the liquid medical substance into a vapor, entering the respiratory passages directly to expand the air passages that narrow during asthma, dyspnea or respiratory infections. Steam Inhaler are better than spray and other medications taken through mouth or by injection.

Examples of medications used with nebulizers:

 1- Atrovent.

 2- Pulmicort.

 3- Saline solution. 

Doses are determined according to the patient’s condition, and the doctor must be consulted first.

How to clean and sterilize your nebulizer:

The parts of the device must be cleaned after each session specially the medicine container and sterilized at least every week to make sure no accumulation of harmful bacteria occurs which may cause respiratory infections.

How to clean your nebulizer after each session:

1- Separate the medicine container, the tube, and the facemask from the device and wash them thoroughly with hot, soapy water.

 2- These parts are left to dry completely in the air. 

How to sterilize the attachments of nebulizers:

1- Put the container, the tube, and the mask in a deep plate containing vinegar and water 1:3.

2- Leave them for at least an hour.

3- Wash them with soap and water and then leave them to dry.

Advantages of Steam Inhaler – Nebulizers:

1- Deliver more than one drug to the air passages at the same time.

2- Easy to use for children and the elderly.

3- More effective for asthma patients who have difficulty taking a deep breath.

4- It saves your time and effort to go to hospital and receive ventilation sessions.

Disadvantages of Steam Inhaler – nebulizers:

1- You always need a power source (plug) for the apparatus to work.

2- The device is a little bit loud.

Medical Me provides some of the best Steam Inhaler in the Egyptian market, including:

1- Atomizer nebulizer: It is the best steam inhaler in the market as it features:

  • Made in Italy.
  • Easy to carry and store.
  • 3-year warranty.
  • The device has a two-speed compressor:  First speed: 45 KB compression, Second speed: 60 KB compression.
  •  Included with the device: Two masks (children mask, adult mask).

 2- The Italian Norditalia nebulizer:

  •  One of the best steam inhalers on the market.
  •  Italian device with a two-year warranty.
  •  Included with the device: Adult mask.

 3- Granzia nebulizer:

  •  One of the best nebulizers in the market.
  •  Italian design.
  • Included with the device: Two masks (children mask and adult one), and a mouth piece.  

Medical Me provides nebulizers at the best price in the Egyptian market, and excellent delivery service. What are you waiting for? Just order now.

Sources : healthline

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