Effective Tips To Choose The Best Diapers For Your Baby

The new mammy doesn’t know which baby diapers are the best in the Egyptian markets. If you are interested, I will tell you about the 5 best brands of baby diapers and How to choose a suitable diaper for newborns.

Best 5 brands of baby diaper in Egypt:

1- Molfix diaper:

One of the best diapers in Egypt, especially for newborn; Because its size is very small from 2-5 kg, which makes it suitable for low weighted childbirth. Molfix diapers contain a part dedicated to your baby’s navel; Because a newborn’s navel must always be dry and ventilated.

Molfix has provided a new type of diapers called ComfortFix with many advantages and greater protection against leakage, the adhesive tape is distinguished to be opened and closed more than once. They are characterized by the soft cotton texture to be suitable for sensitive skin of babies, from my point of view as a mother Molfix is ​​the best type of newborns diapers in Egypt.

 It may not be suitable for other children when they get older, but other mothers found it best suited for their child throughout their use of diapers.

2- Baby Joy diaper:

One of the best-selling in Egypt, newborn is small and suitable for babies who are born with low weight, but the only disadvantage of the Baby Joy newborn is that it fits up to 4 kg only and children grow up quickly in this stage; So if your choice of Baby Joy  for newborns I advise you to buy a small package.

Many mothers have found that BabyJoy is best suited for their baby, and do not harm their sensitive skin. It contains a compact dispensing pad that absorbs fluids and does not cause a fluid mass.

3- Pampers Premium Care:

This type is characterized its highly soft texture, but as a mother, I did not find it suitable for my baby in the first few months, because its very soft texture caused many leaks of liquid stool that children excrete in the first stages; Which results from their primary dependence on breastfeeding only, but since four months have passed, Pampers has been a good choice, also this type is more suitable in the summer because it is light on the skin and gives it a long-lasting dryness, and does not cause skin itching or irritation, the best thing in the type It has a distinctive smell and does not cause unpleasant odor of urine. The disadvantages of Pampers premium care is that it is the most expensive diaper on the market, but it is preferred by many mothers.

4- Egyptian Pampers:

Its texture is not as smooth as Premium Care Pampers, but it is a good product and contains side barriers to prevent leakage. It has internal channels that absorb moisture well and provides dryness to the skin, but it fills quickly and cause a fluid mass, otherwise I find this an advantage sometimes because it indicates the appropriate time to change diapers, Pampers Pants is the best choice for me over my experience as a mom after the age of one year.

5- Fine Baby:

Fine Baby is cheap and available everywhere in Egypt, the most important feature of it is that it really absorbs liquids and mostly does not cause urine or fecal leakage, and its price is appropriate and economical, but its disadvantages are that its texture is not as smooth as the other types, the adherent tape don’t stitch very well, I mean, it is not possible to open and close more than once, like the aforementioned types.

But overall, Fine Baby’s quality is excellent, it does not cause leakage even in the first months of life.

How to choose the right type of diaper for your baby:

I talked with you about the best baby diapers in Egypt, the best-selling and the advantages and disadvantages of each type, but your experience with your baby will remain your guide for the right type that will fit your child, because the brand that fits your child may not fits the other kid; Because not every child is the same, but how do you know that this type is suitable for your child?

  1. If the diapers do not cause any leakage of urine or feces.
  2. If the diapers do not cause marks on your child’s skin at the belt site in the abdomen or thighs.
  3. If it does not cause itching, redness, or rashes.
  4. If it is suitable for your child’s weight.

The instructions written on each package will help you to know the appropriate number from 1 to 6 for your child’s weight.

The difference between diapers with adhesive tapes and pants nappies:

The diapers with side tapes are suitable for newborns up to one year old age, because almostly the child can still not stand, so this type will be easier to change. Thus, pants are easier to put on and take off for children more than one year old and are suitable for the baby’s regular movement during this period if he/she is crawling or walking, and it is easy to remove by cutting both sides and wrapping it well. Some types provide a back adhesive to seal the diaper before throwing it in the trash.

احسن نوع حفاضات للاطفال

When changing from one type to another, I advise you to use a cream suitable for the diaper area; Because most often, minor skin sensitivity occur when changing from one type to another.

I advise you not to buy many packages in the offers because the sizes differ and children grow up quickly, and it is possible that your child will not be comfortable with this type or cause him skin rashes even if it is a known brand



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