When H-Pylori Dies?

When can we say farewell to the annoying H-Pylori?

When will H-pylori die? When will all our diet restrictions end? When can we stop taking all that stomach ache medications that should be taken more than once daily?

Famous frequent questions that all stomach ache patients and even their relatives are concerned about, Because of what they sensed the pain their beloved suffers from H-pylori and it’s treatment.

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What is H-Pylori?

Helicobacter pylori or H-Pylori is a helical shaped bacteria with actions of devel. It secretes urease enzymes that neutralizes the stomach’s acid and affects it’s acidic medium.

As a result, Serious consequences happen such as decreasing stomach lining and acid imbalance inside it leaving it exposed to pepsin enzyme Which is responsible for digesting proteins; Causing stomach ulcers with huge pain.

Patients may ask every day when to get rid of this nightmare!

H-Pylori infects almost 60% of adults all over the world. Some may feel nothing for a long time despite the fact that H – Pylori raks high in the list of stomach ulcer causes worldwide.

This bacteria is unique in that it can beer with acidic medium and even affect it, While other types of bacteria always prefer the alkaline medium of the intestine and the neutral one in the blood and tissues.

In some cases (causes are not discovered yet), H-pylori may increase acid production in the stomach leading to heartburn and Gastritis.

What causes the Infection with H-pylori?

H-pylori travels across the digestive system, So it may travel between people through water of questionable sources and food from unauthorized places or even kissing!

Symptoms of H-Pylori infection

Some people don’t experience any vigorous symptoms. Just Gastritis that is common and may be caused by any reason, So no one suspected H – Pylori unlike Other patients who may suffer major symptoms that may exaggerate with late diagnoses or unrestriction to therapy.

These symptoms are:

  • Stomachaches that vary in intensity and duration.
    They may feel it after 2-3 hours of eating, Sometimes it wakes them up at night.

It may last for days or weeks and disappear, Then it surprisingly reappears.

  • Loss of appetite that affects weight.
  • Flatulence and feeling full.
  • Frequent burps.
  • Episodes of nausea and vomiting.

Isn’t it logical that people ask when they can get rid of H-Pylori after all this!

H-Pylori diagnosis:

Patients are directed to perform some tests to detect presence of H – Pylori itself or signs of its existence.

These list includes:

Blood test

Looking for antibodies of H – Pylori In a blood sample, By finding them it is a positive test. And it should be done again when treatment is done to make sure it is completely eradicated.

Stool analysis

H-Pylori is normally passed through feces, passing through the intestine without causing any harm to it.

By examining a stool sample after 2-3 days shows the presence of H-Pylori bacteria itself.

This test should be reperformed after finishing treatment as well; To make sure of its absence in feces.

Esophagogastroduodenoscopy (EGD)

Performed by introducing a narrow tube of fibre bands with a camera in its end through the patient mouth reaching stomach and duodenum.

The doctor may take a biopsy from the tissues to examine it later for presence of H – Pylori or its urease enzyme. 

Breath test

Upon taking a urea pill, the patient’s mouth breath is examined for carbon.

Presence of carbon indicates urease enzyme which means H-Pylori.

H-Pylori treatment:

When H-Pylori dies? When the patient completely restricts the treatment plan and repeats the tests to assure its absence.

Treatment plan includes a punch of drugs, each of them is really important and completes the role of the other.

So it is obligated to follow the plan for the whole treatment period that ranges from 7-14 days and may be repeated after further analysis.

The plan includes:


First line of bacteria treatment is using antibiotics and this rule applies here too.

H2 blockers

It blocks the histamine receptors in the stomach which are involved in acid production in the stomach, Leading to acid reduction and interruption of the medium that the bacteria loves to live in.

Proton pump inhibitors

By blocking the protons acid production is shot in place, The stomach can’t produce any of it and that disturbs the H-Pylori growth.

Stomach lining medications

During the attack of H – Pylori and even through the treatment, Stomach suffers inflammation that needs to be soothe and taking care of stomach lining to cure ulcers and decrease its spread.


Patients are advised during treatment to follow a simple diet, Such as avoiding fried food, fats and sometimes dairy which can be replaced by coconut milk which is known for its soothing effect on the stomach.

Also doctors may recommend that a patient’s diet lacks some fruits like citrus.

Diet is an important part or treatment to preserve the stomach from inflammation and decrease pain.

Life after H-Pylori treatment:

After completing the treatment plan, Tests should be reperformed to assure complete eradication of H-Pylori.

There is no need to perform all tests. Blood tests or stool analysis is enough.

Unfortunately there is no clue that there is no reinfection after curing of H – Pylori!

So one should be very careful of its causes and avoid it to make sure not to be reinfected.

Here are some advices that could be valuable through that:

  • Always wash your hands before preparing food or eating it.
  • Make sure your hands are completely clean after using the bathroom.
  • Never eat from an unauthorized place that you can’t guarantee its full cleaness.
  • Drink your water from a renewable clean source.
  • Don’t use other people’s tableware, always use your own spoon and cup.


This article was about H – Pylori. Its definition and causes and tests to verify the infection and how H-Pylori is cleared from the body.

Also we discussed infection routes and the treatment plan used to get rid of it once and for all and methods to prevent reinfection.


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