Does hibiscus raise or lower pressure and what is the difference between cold and hot hibiscus?

Hibiscus raises or lowers pressure?

Have you ever heard that cold hibiscus lowers high blood pressure, while hot hibiscus raises low blood pressure? 

Is this belief true, hence the question: does hibiscus raise or lower pressure?

With life issues and stress, hypertension has become a major problem that affects many, but how can mild hypertension be treated using natural methods without the need to resort to therapeutic drugs? Is This Plant a solution?

Recent studies have proven that both cold and hot hibiscus help reduce high blood pressure, and hibiscus is used to treat patients with mild hypertension. 

What are the natural ingredients of hibiscus that give it its properties?

Organic acids such as:-

  • Tartaric acid, malic acid, citric acid, allo-hydroxycitric acid.
  • Beta-carotene and Vitamin C.
  • This Plant is rich in protein and natural sugars.
  • This Plant has its color from photochemical compounds that are known to be rich in nutrients and have disease-fighting medicinal properties.
  • Phenolic substances.
  • Anthocyanin.
  • Oxalate salts.

Medicinal benefits:

Treatment of mild hypertension:

This plant helps reduce systolic blood pressure by 7 millimeters mercury, and recent studies have proven that the effect of taht plant in treating high pressure is comparable to the effect of Captopril; Therefore, it is recommended for everyone who suffers from a slight raising in blood pressure to try hibiscus as a natural alternative treatment, while measuring the pressure periodically to note its effect.

Benefits for cardiovascular diseases:

The phenolic substances found in hibiscus help reduce the proportion of harmful fats in the blood, LDL, and it also contains antioxidants that help stimulate the heart muscle and protect blood vessels.

Boosts immunity and helps prevent disease:

contains organic acids, as we mentioned before, which are resistant to many types of bacteria, which enhances immunity, and also helps to purify the body of toxins.

Helps in protection from cancer:

Eating hibiscus regularly prevents the proliferation of cancer cells, especially leukemia, stomach cancer and cervical cancer.

Obesity control:

 helps reduce body fat, and drinking fluids without adding sugar helps a sense of temporary satiety, so it’s best to go to hot drinks if you want to lose weight, including hibiscus.

Hibiscus harms to health:

  •  contains oxalate salts; Therefore, taking it too much can cause kidney stones and a high percentage of salts in the body.
  • helps lower blood pressure; Which makes it harmful to patients with low blood pressure and frequent consumption may cause depression, fatigue, delirium and the inability to perform daily tasks. 
  • It is preferable to consult a doctor before using that plant if you are a pregnant woman; This is because most pregnant women suffer from hypotension, especially at the first semester of pregnancy, and therefore eating that may affect the pressure more.

How to prepare hibiscus tea for patients with pressure?

1- Hot hibiscus tea can be prepared by putting boiling water on the hibiscus herbs,you can drink it hot or leave it for 5 minutes to cool down and then take it immediately. 

2- As for preparing cold hibiscus, cold water is placed on the hibiscus herbs and soaked for 12-15 hours before using.

3- Soak hibiscus for a period exceeding 24 hours so that the salts in it do not precipitate and become more harmful to the kidneys.

High blood pressure side effects:

High blood pressure is called the silent killer because it can cause strokes and heart attacks; Therefore, it is necessary to control high pressure and start a healthy lifestyle or take medication if you have to take.

Natural ways to control high pressure:

As we mentioned that contributes to reducing high pressure, here are 7 natural ways to control high pressure:- 

1-  Drinking its hot or cold form contributes to lowering blood pressure for those who suffer from high pressure episodes over long periods.

2- Getting rid of excess weight, even a few pounds, helps reduce pressure. 

3- Adopting a healthy lifestyle based on eating a lot of vegetables and fruits and reducing the intake of fats and carbohydrates.

 4- Replacing salt in food with spices to add flavor, and eating the permissible amount of table salt per day, which is 5 g/day. 

5- The Egyptian Ministry of Health has stated the need to add low-fat dairy products to meals; This is because it contains yeasts that contribute to lowering blood pressure.

6- Eating raw cocoa or raw chocolate contributes to self-soothing and treatment of high pressure caused by stress. 

7- Quitting smoking and engaging in simple physical activity on a daily basis contribute to reducing pressure. 

After knowing whether hibiscus raises or lowers pressure and its role in reducing high pressure, whether it is cold or hot form, is important to be a self doctor and monitor your pressure periodically after exposure to emotions or eating any food different from your daily regime, through the usage of home blood pressure monitors that contribute to the ease of controlling hyper and hypotension.


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